THE Clackmannan Development Trust (CDT) has expressed its disappointment at the loss of a vital bus service.

As of last Monday, September 10, the number 60 First bus was withdrawn due to a lack of usage, despite several warnings from the transport organisation that if the service wasn't going to be used, then it would be lost.

The bus originally connected the Hillfoots up to Stirling, but in 2016 the service was scaled back which meant it only went from Clackmannan to Alloa.

A warning was issued at the time of the change saying that it might be withdrawn completely, and that has now happened.

It leaves Clackmannan residents with fewer options when taking a trip into Alloa, with only the Stagecoach 8A and the hospital buses being available for such journeys.

The only direct bus which takes residents from Clackmannan all the way to Stirling is the Mackie's MA1 which only runs twice an hour.

Lesley Shaw, community development officer at the CDT, described her frustration at the decision to the Advertiser.

She said: "It is disappointing that the First Bus have decided to no longer serve the community of Clackmannan.

"However, we appreciate that this service has been under review for the past couple of years and ultimately if the service is to remain viable, people have to continue to support it. Thankfully the H1 & H2 service is still in operation as well as MA1 .

"If anyone has concern over the bus or transport issues in the town we would appreciate hearing from them."

Those wishing to voice their concerns to the CDT can email their comments to

Keith Brown MSP told the Advertiser that, while a regretful decision, it was inevitable that the service would be withdrawn.

He said: "While it's disappointing that First have chosen to terminate the 60 service, they made in clear in February 2017, when I managed to convince them to keep the service going, that it would only be viable in the long term, if more passengers used it.

"This hasn't happened and they have made a commercial decision."

David Phillips, operations director for First Scotland East, added: "The Service 60 is a route that has not been commercially-viable as a service for a number of years, despite a number of efforts to make the route attractive to service users.

"The hope with the service was that we may in time see a boost to passenger numbers.

"Unfortunately, this has not transpired and in fact passengers levels have now fallen to a level that makes the route unsustainable.

"Therefore, in our latest network changes, having exhausted all efforts to boost the service, we have now taken the decision to cease the service from operation.

"There are still other services in the area that operate a very similar route including the H1 and H2 services operated by First Bus."