ALVA town centre could receive more than £550,000 in regeneration works, if plans are approved by councillors this week.

Plans to revamp parts of the Hillfoots town have been ten years coming, though a formal plan will now be progressed by elected members.

The project would stand on three legs with the preparation of a traffic management, parking and streetscape enhancement scheme for Stirling Street; a roadwork scheme for the primary school and CAP; as well as town centre enhancements.

It would also include measures to increase road safety, parking provision, pedestrian accessibility and to improve building use and maintenance.

Members of the Place Committee will consider the proposals at Kilncraigs tomorrow, Thursday, September 13.

Alva Community Council’s own Community Action Plan, produced in recent years, also highlighted the need for more parking and the redevelopment of brownfield sites.

The appearance of properties along the main stretch in town is also a “key issue” with council documents adding: “It is envisaged that a consultant will be procured to prepare an improvement plan for the town centre and its properties.

“On conclusion it is envisaged that a further report will be tabled at committee to consider funding opportunities to implement the plan.”

A draft proposal to improve car parking has already been devised.

It would utilise the existing wide footways and narrow the road, reducing speeds with raised speed tables at three traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings, which would in turn be removed.

Civil servants believe this would “provide significant improvements for pedestrian accessibility and safety”.

Street furniture could further improve the area’s appearance.

According to council documents, increased traffic at Alva Primary School, with the relocation of Alva CAP, is raising concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety.

A draft proposal suggests a raised speed table could help create a crossing while providing a wider footway.

If approved, final drafts will go out for non- and statutory consultations.

Already allocated in the March budget, £550,000 was set aside for regeneration from capital funds, and the council anticipates a further £200,000 of investment could be secured from Sustrans.

The paper to be tabled tomorrow added: “The allocation of funding to Alva was only approved in March 2018 and the lead in time for work means that 2018-19 will be mostly design work, consultation and tendering processes.”

That means that the money allocated this year for the projects on Stirling Street and at the school will need to be carried forward into 2019-20.