AN ALLOA man who assaulted his brother with a majorette stick and threatened to murder police officers has been jailed.

Gary Watt admitted a total of seven charges when he appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court in August and appeared for sentencing last Thursday.

Susannah Hutchison, prosecuting, told the court that on August 6 of this year, Watt repeatedly called 999 saying he needed police and ambulances because there was “hundreds of people fighting in the street”.

When officers arrived, it was established that he was phoning because he had lost his mobile phone, though it was unclear how he had made the phone calls.

Police cautioned and charged him for the matter.

Watt was later traced in Clackmannan at around midnight when told officers that he was going to “put a brick through his dad’s window” and was arrested.

He proceeded to unleash a shocking tirade at police, saying: “I will murder you. You better sleep with one eye open.”

Then at around 10pm on May 3, he was seen staggering along Clackmannan Road, stretching out his arms with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a hammer in the other.

Watt dropped the tool when police spotted them, before then telling them that he was taking the hammer to his brother’s to be used.

Later that month, on May 16, he went to a property where his mum and her friend were.

He was asked to leave immediately as he was drunk and responded by saying he was going to his mum’s house to smash her windows, before then uttering verbal abuse at her.

On June 1 his brother and his partner were at home when they were awoken by loud banging at 11pm. The couple saw Watt standing outside with his arms outstretched with a carrier bag with bottles in it in one hand and a majorette stick in the other.

Watt’s brother went downstairs to remove him after the accused began shouting that he wanted to see niece and nephew.

A scuffle ensued at which point Watt struck his sibling with the baton before swinging the carrier bag at him repeatedly.

Watt then shouted: “Ya fat, specky boot” at his brother’s partner.

Later that month on June 16 Watt once again made repeated nuisance calls to emergency services. Officers turned up at his property and as one approached him lying on the ground he opened his eyes and shouted: “F*** off,” before launching a glass bottle at them which smashed on a wall.

He was then arrested.

Claire McCarron, defending the 33-year-old, told the court that he has an appalling record towards anyone he comes into contact with.

Sheriff Linda Smith sentenced Watt, of Earn Court, Alloa, to a total of 349 days in prison.

As he was being led away, Watt shouted: “Claire, you’re sacked.”