FUEL poor and low income Wee County families could benefit from an energy saving scheme being put before councillors this week.

The council's Place Committee, which will convene for the first time tomorrow (Thursday, September 13), will be asked to approve the LA Flex scheme in Clackmannanshire.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Flexible Eligibility, known as LA Flex, provides funding to local authorities to work with providers and identify households for the installation of energy saving measures.

If approved, it could benefit households that are considered to be fuel poor or on low incomes.

ECO is placed upon larger energy companies by the government to help households reduce their bills and carbon emissions.

Up to 10 per cent of Affordable Warmth targets, set out under the obligations, can be achieved by companies in conjunction with councils through the LA Flex scheme.

Funding will be available for private sector households, whether they are owner-occupied or have private tenants.

In order to implement the mechanism, the council is now required to produce a "statement of intent" which details how it will identify eligible homes and the criteria which will be adopted.

To move things forward, the local authority will also need to secure a declaration for each individual household identified, confirming that the council has been consulted on proposed measures to be installed.

This, however, will not guarantee anything as the final decision will be made by the energy company or its contractors.

Council documents added: “This initiative supports the council’s commitment to eradicate fuel poverty within Clackmannanshire and will assist us in meeting our Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 targets by helping homes to reduce their carbon emissions.”