A NURSERY in Alloa is celebrating after being given a five-star report following a surprise inspection.

Little Stars Nursery was hosted the unannounced visit at the end of July as officials rated the level of care and support and the quality of the environment for the children.

The other two areas, quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership, were not rated on this occasion.

The two rated areas, however, were both given "very good" scores.

The report noted the nursery's strengths which included the nurturing and relaxed atmosphere within the service, where children and staff had a mutual respect for one another.

It commented: "We saw staff encouraging children to be kind and thoughtful to each other.

"Babies were nurtured and supported to participate in curiosity and investigative play.

"We saw that personal routines mirrored home routines. The staff team were very responsive to children's individual needs.

"Children in the 2-3 years playroom were invited to participate in singing and outdoor play. They directed their own play. They were using their natural curiosity to enhance their own schema learning development.

"Staff used skilful questioning to maximise children's learning potential. A few children were mark making whilst others slept."

The nursery, located on Bedford Place, was also heavily praised for its health and safety practices.

The inspectors wrote: "The medication protocols and storage procedures followed best practice guidance.

"We saw that very good infection controls were followed. The children could access the toilet facilities easily. Children's toilets had ample supplies of hot running water, soap and paper towels.

"Visual aids were displayed in the children's toilets to promote hand washing.

"Safety features were observed to be in place throughout all areas of the nursery environment.

"There was a safe and secure door entry system. Visitors were encouraged to sign the visitors' book."

The inspector also spoke to parents at the nursery, all of whom had further high praise for the organisation.

One parent said: "Little Stars nursery has been great for my twin girls, they started at seven months and are now 19 months, the staff have developed their skills so much. Staff are great, facilities are fab.

"They have learnt so much and have developed their own personalities, such a friendly place."

The nursery has had three previous unannounced reports. In 2016 it only received two "good" ratings for care and support and staffing, while the environment and management and leadership aspects were not assessed.

In 2014 and 2012, however, they received glowing reports with "very good" ratings being recorded in all four categories.