A PROJECT to launch a dedicated foodbank service in Clackmannan is looking for volunteers to help get things up and running.

The initiative from the local community council hopes to address the area's high rate of child poverty, and save people making costly bus trips to Alloa for food parcels.

Carol Smith, 57, chair of Clackmannan CC, told the Advertiser: "It's a sub group of the CC working in conjunction with The Gate and Citizens Advice to organise it.

"What prompted us to want to do this is that one in four kids who attend the school in our town are in class one deprivation – which is quite serious.

"So we want to provide Clackmannan with its own foodbank service because we feel sometimes left out on this.

"The cost of the bus service is high too, so this would save people paying to travel into Alloa to pick up food parcels."

As well as providing food, the group are also working with Citizens Advice to offer financial advice to those who need it when they use the foodbank.

The group is aiming to offer a foodbank service in Clackmannan for an hour a day, Monday to Friday.

It plans to open at different times during those days to accommodate people who work, as well as those who do not.

Talks are still underway with the Clackmannan Town Hall Trust to secure a venue for the project, with the town hall ideally suited for it.

However, if the hall is unavailable the group is resolved to find another venue within Clackmannan for the foodbank.

Arrangements have already been made for food donations to be collected and held at Alloa's The Gate charity building, which already has food storage facilities in place.

Donations will then be shuttled to Clackmannan on the day, so they are available for those who need them.

But before any food parcels can be handed out, a team of volunteers needs to be available to deliver the service.

Carol said: "We need at least ten volunteers who would be free for a minimum of one hour a day, for five days a week."

She added: "We want to start before Christmas; hopefully around the end of November."

Those who want to help out, or who would like more information about the project, should direct message Clackmannan CC on Facebook, or email: clackmannancc@gmail.com.