A WOMAN from the Wee County who examines strange happenings as part of a team claims to have come across the “holy grail” of paranormal investigators.

Local Vanessa McGrath and the team at Elite Paranormal Investigators could find no reasonable everyday explanations as to what happened after they reviewed hours of footage from a night at Cowane’s Hospital in Stirling two weeks ago.

They had visited the 17th century almshouse in the historic old town of the city on Saturday, October 20, and reckon they have witnessed some poltergeist activity - with video to prove it.

The visit came not long after some stone balusters and balustrades at the building were vandalised and Vanessa reckons this may have unsettled spirits residing there with three notable and strange events on the night in question.

The damaged stone had been moved inside into an area barriered by two heavy chairs with tape attached across.

In the footage caught on camera, a chair appears to move accompanied by a loud bang, pinging the tape off.

Vanessa told the Advertiser: “I definitely think that’s poltergeist activity, which is the holy grail of what paranormal investigators really look for – this kind of visual evidence that helps to prove, in a way, that there is activity.”

She explained the chairs appeared to be stable throughout the night, not even the floorboards would move them around when someone walked past.

Believers and sceptics alike are being invited to decide for themselves by watching the video online on the Elite Paranormal Investigators Scotland Facebook page.

Get in touch with the team eliteparanormalinvestigators@hotmail.com to hear more.