A TULLIBODY couple have caused a stir with an incredibly realistic "Murder House" Halloween display in his garden.

Vic Craig, who lives on Stirling Road, decorated his house with police tape, a fake corpse, and bloody writing in an amazingly spooky display.

The 47-year-old said he and his partner have sparked some fairly interesting reactions since putting it up.

He told the Advertiser: "It's caused a bit of a fuss because people have been stopping and asking about it – thinking it was a real murder.

"I saw someone walking past and his jaw just dropped because he thought he'd just seen a real body in the garden, but when he realised it was fake he just started laughing to himself.

"There have also been people driving past and having to double take when they see it all.

"There's been a good reaction from some of the kids that go past the house too."

Vic, who only recently moved to Tullibody, claimed he wanted to make an impression by going all out with the decorations.

He said: "My partner and I just moved house to Tullibody from Alloa so we decided to decorate the new house up."

Vic says he got the idea for the grisly Halloween display years ago, after spotting something similar while working away from home.

He said: "We done this in 2014 too, because I was working in Glasgow and saw a house all decorated and thought I would do something like that.

"But this year we've got the body in the garden which we have never had before.

"We made it by stuffing a painting suit full of bits of old newspaper – his name's Albert."

Vic is not the only one in Tullibody aiming to spook others in the community.

A nearby couple at 42 Dovecot Road have set up a haunted house and are daring youngsters to come along tonight from 6-8pm.

Entry is free and those who come dressed up are promised a little treat for their trouble.