AN ALLOA darts team has released a naked calendar as it attempts to raise money for charity.

James Anderson and his teammates play out of the Old Brewery in a regional darts league and came up with the idea of a bare-all calendar to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

What started as a laugh quickly became a reality as the six of them stripped off for the camera along with another team in England for the calendar.

Now the calendar has been released – and sold out – James is already planning for next year after the phenomenal success of this one.

He described the strange feeling of featuring for all to see in the charity calendar.

He said: “It’s weird really. It’s brilliant seeing it coming together.

“[The response] has been brilliant. We got 120 originally and only have around 12 left to sell, so we’re going to need to get more.

"That’s just friends and family because we haven’t pushed it much yet.”

James added that the English team also we received 120 and theirs are all but gone too, which has left the charity over the moon with another order already placed to have more printed.

He continued: “My family and friends just laugh, saying: ‘Imagine you being on the front of a calendar’.

“We’ve signed up to do it next year too and they’re wanting it to be a bit of an annual thing, although 30 boys and four women have said they want to take part now, so not sure how that’s going to work.”

The calendar is just one of James’ charity ventures to date.

In June he offered parts of his leg to be tattooed for a £10 fee, with the payer choosing whatever they want inked.

He ended up with all sorts on his leg from Peppa Pig to Batman, raising £275 in the process with the artist, Kev from the Dark Horse Tattoo, Primrose Street, not charging for his services.

The team then held a darts open day in the Old Brewery at the end of July which raised a further £600 for Prostate Cancer UK, and there are more events being planned.

Up next is likely to be a two-legged affair with Falkirk ladies rugby team serving as opposition.

They have invited the darts lads to face off in one another’s chosen sports. However, the former will be touch rugby, much to James’ relief.

The Clacks man will now undergo the most important part of the whole fundraising appeal – getting his prostate checked, adding that it’s pointless to raise awareness without acting on it.

He said: “It all ties in with the fundraising. Even if one guy goes to get it checked because of this then it’s all worth it.”

More calendars will be available soon for purchase in the near future.

To register interest or to simply donate, contact James on