A UNIQUE play asking the question: what would you do if someone you know was carrying a knife? will be performed at Alva Academy in December.

Balisong is a theatre performance created by young performers, aiming to empower teens to stand up and speak out about the dangers associated with knives.

It focuses on the story of three friends in their final weeks of school, who discover that someone they know has started carrying a knife - and the dilemma they face over what to do next.

As well as watching the play on December 4, Alva Academy pupils will also take part in workshops focusing on the key themes raised by the performance.

In total, Balisong will be performed in 95 schools across every local authority in Scotland, and is set to reach 25,000 young people over the next six months.

The whole project has been organised by the No Knives Better Lives (NKBL) campaign, in association with Fast Forward and YouthLink Scotland.

Emily Beever, national co-ordinator for NKBL, said: “In the last decade, the level of knife crime in Scotland has drastically reduced, but one incident is still one too many.

"Balisong has given us an exciting new way to talk to all young people about their role in preventing knife carrying through peer support.

"The feedback has shown that already more than 12,000 young people will think twice before picking up a knife.”