LITTER pickers in Dollar enjoyed glorious sunshine, fancy dress, and even some free burgers at a clean-up and BBQ day recently.

The event, organised by the local Community Development Trust (DCDT), gave youngsters a chance to get involved with their community while having fun at the same time.

Chris Hudd, 57, a board member of DCDT, told the Advertiser: "The event was partly about getting young kids to engage with DCDT.

"We tend to get quite a lot of support from the older community, but this time we had a very young crowd of about 30 to 40 young families.

"We also gave prizes to the best dressed children on the day.

"All the kids loved grabbing the litter pickers and running off to use them, so for them it was fun and some hard work too."

The idea for the event came not long after Chris first came to Dollar.

He said: "After I moved to the area I noticed quite a lot of litter in such a beautiful place, so I thought why not give kids the idea that picking up litter is a good thing.

"I think we had about 25 black bags filled after the litter pick, so it was quite a big amount."

All those who took part were rewarded with free burgers, rolls and scones, generously donated by Brian Devlin Butchers, the Co-Op and Cafe Des Fleurs respectively.

Chris added: "The free food went down really well."

Buzzing from Sunday's success, DCDT are now considering holding a similar event in the future.

"The event went great so we may well look at doing something like this next year," Chris confirmed.