THE last of knitted pieces for a Wee County community remembrance poppy waterfall are due today (Wednesday, November 7).

People working on the items for Remembrance Sunday, for the display co-ordinated by Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSi), can take them along to the Connect Centre on Alloa’s Burgh Mews or to the Speirs Centre.

The waterfall is due to go up tomorrow, Thursday, afternoon in the library and people will have the chance to see it from Friday onward.

On Monday, November 12, a short ceremony will be held at 3pm with Clackmannanshire’s deputy Lord-Lieutenant John Spruce and other veterans in attendance.

Those who had given up their time and skills spoke to the Advertiser about how and why they got involved.

Doune Weaver, 50, said: "My husband works for CTSi, and I'm a knitter, and he mentioned it to me so I started by making a couple of poppies and found that I really liked it.

"I've made about 15 so far.

"I think it will be really lovely, and really emotional as well because a lot of effort has gone into it.

"I'm quite overwhelmed that it means so much to so many people and I'm quite proud that I'm involved."

The appeal for poppies launched at the start of October with the aim of bringing groups and individuals together to make 1,022 of the items – one for each Wee County people who died in the Great War.

Elizabeth Wilson added: "I'd seen things online about different places doing knitted poppies and displays to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War.

"I was in John Lewis in Edinburgh and they had a display like that, and I just thought maybe we could do something like that in Alloa.

"I spoke to CTSi about it and everything has just snowballed from there.

"It should look amazing when it's done.

"It's a good feeling, I mean I'm not from Alloa originally but I've travelled to a lot of the places where the fighting took place during the War like Ypres.

"After seeing places like that and how many people died it is quite emotional."