THE Alman Theatre is set to host a brand new "who dunnit" in Alloa later this month.

The theatre welcomes Agatha Christie’s thriller The Hollow to the Coach House from November 21 for a run of shows.

One of the organisers told the Advertiser: “The great joy of Agatha Christie’s work is that it has failed to grow old graciously over the years.

“We all love a good thriller, and Christie had the capacity to write a book or play where literally every single character might have been the killer.

"Thus the Alman audiences will be challenged to work out who murdered the hapless victim?”

“Set over a relaxing weekend in an upper-class mansion in the country called The Hollow, the rich and privileged world of the Angkatells is rudely interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a self-centred American film star whose former affair with one of the guests causes an explosion of the most unpleasant kinds. Murder. Or does it? Was that really the cause?”

Directed by Senga Awlson, The Hollow boasts a large cast including Pat O’Connor, Pauline Clifford, Sam Mackenzie, Gillian Macadam, Kristianne Rogerson, Brian Ovens, Brian Tripney, Moira Walker, Ian Watkinson, Joanne Ross , Gary Mckenzie and Gerry Docherty.

The detailed set was designed and built by the creative team of Walter Awlson, Davie Dobbie and Dave Hunter, Jim Allan and Ron Mennie.

Tickets are now available via the booking office at

The show opens on Wednesday November 21 until Saturday December 1.

The weekday performances start at 7.30pm and the matinees are scheduled for both Saturdays at 2.30pm.

Ticket prices are £11 for all performances.