A MAN who assaulted a homeless accommodation worker and threatened to "get a team" to do him in was told he would not face further jail time.

James McKinnon, 21, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court for sentencing on Thursday, November 15, having pleaded guilty to charges of assault and abusive behaviour at an intermediate diet.

The court heard McKinnon – currently in prison for another matter – became abusive when returning to an address in Sauchie on August 9 last year.

The fiscal said: "At around half one in the morning the accused turned up with a friend.

"The accused was under the influence of alcohol, and was informed by staff no visitors were allowed after 11 o'clock that night.

"The accused reacted badly by shouting: 'Who are you f*****g talking to, you baldy b*****d? F**k off'.

"Staff contacted the police and the accused continued to become aggressive and abusive, shouting phrases like: 'Who the f**k are you talking to?'

"He was warned he was reported to police and the accused then became even more agitated and aggressive towards staff.

"He shouted: 'If I f*****g lose this flat I will get a team up from Alloa to do you in'.

"The accused then started shouting in a staff member's face: 'Go on, take a swing at me.'

"He was informed this was being recorded on CCTV, and thereafter pushed a staff member on the shoulder."

After the assault, a friend who was with McKinnon intervened, and they both left the area.

McKinnon's lawyer explained their client had reacted badly to the situation, something he now acknowledges.

They said: "The date of this offence is some time ago, at a period when Mr McKinnon was residing in homeless accommodation.

"The argument was surrounding a female friend not being allowed in.

"He accepts he reacted in the heat of the moment, and knows he shouldn't have reacted in such a way."

Referring to a report prepared for the court, the lawyer claimed their client had made an effort to turn things around since the incident.

They said: "The report addresses childhood difficulties, and issues with alcohol.

"But the report also highlights a willingness to move away from this lifestyle. He has abstained from alcohol for about one year.

"He is going to make use of his time in custody to learn further skills, and would ask to take account of this."

Sheriff David Mackie told McKinnon he would not interfere with his release date, and urged him to make use of his time in custody to prepare for life after prison.

For the charge of abusive behaviour, Mckinnon was sentenced to six months in prison, with another sentence of eight months in prison for the assault.

Both sentences will run concurrent with each other, and with McKinnon's current prison sentence, starting from Thursday, November 15.