PUPILS at St Mungo's Primary School held their own assembly earlier this month, to share everything they had learned about famous figures in Scotland's history.

Some pupils dressed up for the event, and there were various exhibits on display which helped bring their learning to life.

The school's headteacher, Nicola Wood, told the Advertiser that every class gets the chance to present what they have learned throughout the year.

She said: "This was the Primary 5s turn and their parents are invited in for that.

"Doctor What came in to take them through Scottish history to find Alexander Flemming – who discovered penicillin – and they met Robert the Bruce and William Wallace on the way."

The Primary 5s walked their fellow pupils, and their parents, through all their work on the day.

Nicola said: "All the children in P5 were really excited to share what they had learned."

There was also an impressive poppy display on show too, as a symbol of remembrance marking 100 years since the end of World War One.

Whan asked about the display, Nicola said: "The whole school contributed to the poppy display, and we used the open veranda to display it.

"The Primary 1s to 3s made the individual poppies, and the Primary 4s to 7s created the soldiers out of the poppies."

In summing up how the P5's assembly went, she said: "They all really enjoyed it.

"The pupils loved having their parents at the school, and the parents loved coming in to see what their children have done."