AN INITIATIVE to ensure no one is left stranded by snow over the winter is being launched in the Muirside area of Tullibody.

Councillor Darren Lee will canvass houses to create a Severe Weather Action Group which can be called on should the weather take a turn for the worse.

In March this year, the Beast from the East caused havoc in Clacks with many people unable to go to work and snowed in.

Cllr Lee told the Advertiser: "I live in Muirside, and so last year there was an issue with mobility.

"A lot of people were caught out by the snow and were stranded and the council just didn't have the manpower to cover the area.

"I ended up going out myself.

"So I thought this year I'll create a risk register of all vulnerable people in the area, and submit this to the council and also keep a copy on record should anyone need help with anything.

"I'll also keep a volunteer register of people in the area who can help in an emergency, clear snow or just check in on vulnerable individuals who request help."

The idea has gone down well with Clackmannanshire Council, who have been keep to help.

Cllr Lee said: "I brought it up with the council and they said it was a fantastic idea and said they could provide the tools to do the job.

"They'll give us things like shovels and grit."

But knowing that communities across Clacks could face the prospect of being snowed in, the councillor wanted to let people know that support is there if they need it.

He said: "I want to make the wider community aware there's nothing to stop them from starting their own community action plan.

"The council are more than willing to help any groups out."

Those living in the Muirside area can keep an eye out for Cllr Lee's leaflets, which will be posted to every house.

Anyone interested in signing up for either register can do so by contacting him using any of the details provided on the back of the leaflet.