ST MUNGO'S Primary School held an open afternoon to let parents of prospective pupils know they are still "open and thriving" following their relocation earlier this year.

The school was moved into Alloa Academy in April, after water damage was found to have rendered the St Mungo's building unsafe.

Despite an investigation, the exact underlying cause of the water damage could not be identified.

The council ruled that since the cost of repairing the damage could not be limited, St Mungo's would remain as guests within their own self-contained unit at the academy.

But headteacher Nicola Wood was clear that despite the move, St Mungo's is still going strong.

She told the Advertiser: "Following our relocation, and news in September that it will be for the medium-term, we were eager that the community were aware that we were still open and thriving and business as usual.

"The idea from the parent council was to put on an event to invite in the parents of nursery aged children making the decision in January as to where to send their children.

"It was a chance for them to come into our building and see us running and to ask any questions."

The event on Wednesday, November 21 also offered the opportunity for the school to put out a message, which was, in Nicola's words: "We're here with business running as usual, and our teachers are committed to delivering the highest quality education for our children."