A WEE COUNTY man has been hauled before a sheriff for racially-abusing shop staff in two vile verbal attacks.

Darren Whitfield unleashed a sickening verbal assault on takeaway staff in August of last year, just months after a similar tirade on different workers.

He branded innocent shop workers as "Taliban lovers" after accusing them of phoning police on him the week before.

The 34-year-old appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, November 22, after previously pleading guilty to three charges, all of which had a racial aggravation element.

Lindsay Brooks, depute fiscal, told the court that at around 8.30pm on April 1, 2017, a witness had been in the back office of Fairy Fresh Food, Alloa, when he observed another staff member talking to someone on the CCTV.

After going through to the front, Whitfield asked the man if he could buy a scratch card but he was told he would not be able to as the tills were off for the night.

Ms Brooks said: "[He] shouted f*****g P**i and bunch of Taliban lovers."

The prosecutor then confirmed that accused was was later arrested.

Then on August 22 of 2017 at around 6pm he attended Four in One, Alloa, while under the influence. He started asking staff who phoned the police on him the week before, saying: "Who the f*** phoned the police?".

Ms Brooks continued: "He got more abusive. Called the witness a f*****g p**i and Taliban."

The 34-year-old then left after police were called.

Later that evening, however, he returned to the store and shouted: "I'm not a f*****g n****r."

Police attended and arrested the man.

Kelly Howe, representing Whitfield, told the court that "he accepts this was completely inappropriate" and added that he had discussed his views with social services.

Sheriff David Mackie sentenced Whitfield, of South Pilmuir Road, Clackmannan, to 12 months of supervision.

It is not the first time he has found himself in court after abusing shop staff.

In 2013, he was jailed for nine months after refusing to comply with an unpaid work order.

He received 75 hours after being abusive towards police, saying: "What the f**k do you want".

When warned about his language he said: "I'll swear at whoever the f**k I want, whenever the f**k I want."

And after his friend was arrested he became more disorderly, squaring up to officers, and was subsequently arrested himself.

George Higgins, defending him at the time, said that his client "does not wish to cooperate with another community-based disposal".

Just months later after being released from that sentence, he threatened to stab shop staff with a plastic fork after being refused service.

He also threatened a man by saying: "I'm going to kick your c**t in".

He was also sentenced to 12 months of supervision for that incident.