CLACKS' Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) has marked 80 years of work with a birthday party and award ceremony on Friday, November 30.

The event, held at their cafe in the Clacks Community Health Centre in Sauchie, also saw several members receive prizes for their dedication to the group.

Formed in 1938 to help people during time of war, the RVS has adapted over the years and now supports the elderly and the National Health Service in local communities throughout the UK.

Through initiatives like hospital cafes and services for the elderly, the group helps free up NHS staff who can then dedicate more time to patient care.

Sue Gordon, the group's service manager for Clacks, told the Advertiser: "We were celebrating 80 years of volunteering, and we had medals presented to several long service volunteers.

"We had invited staff and anyone in the health centre at the time to join us, and there was a lovely buffet too."

Medals were presented to Tricia Maxwell for 30 years' service, June Young for 20 years' service, Jean Weir for 15 years' service, and to Chris Panaro, Daphney Davidson, Catherine Muir and Gordon Russell for five years' service.

The volunteers received their prizes from Dr David Borland, who recently retired but previously ran the doctors' practice at the Clacks Community Healthcare Centre.

Speaking about the volunteers, Sue said: "It was incredible because you can't buy dedication like that, so it's just amazing.

"They were presented with their awards by Dr Borland – he was really grateful for the support we had given them, so he presented the prizes along with my boss, Andy Roberts.

"It was just lovely, certainly for me too because it's lovely to see them being rewarded.

"It was a great day, I think everyone was very proud to be part of the charity."

Reflecting on the RVS' work over the past 80 years, Sue added: "It is amazing that it's managed to survive for so long when we are totally dependent on volunteers.

"But it has managed to change with the times.

"All profits are gifted back to the NHS or used in the community, so it's an excellent charity."

The Clacks Royal Voluntary Service is always on the lookout for more volunteers, and if you can spare some of your free time then contact Sue on 01259 720584.