A MAN who threatened to set his former partner's house on fire has been given a supervision order.

Martin Kane unleashed a tirade of abuse at the woman and a male after they'd come back from holiday.

They two were walking home between Alloa train station and King Street on September 29 of this year.

On Thursday, December 20, Lindsay Brooks, depute fiscal, told Alloa Sheriff Court that the incident took place at around 1.10pm.

The accused appeared and began shouting, calling the complainer a "skank", and saying: "I'm going to stab you" and: "I'm going to burn your house down".

The 26-year-old then proceeded to throw food at the pair.

Ms Brooks went on to say: "They were concerned about what the accused might do.

"He then grabbed the male's rucksack, pushing him towards the road. A driver was aware of what was going on and stopped as the male stumbled towards the road."

Kane thereafter approached the female and shouted: "I have people after you."

He then walked off in the opposite direction of the pair.

When questioned by police officers about the incident, he told them he had "no recollection".

Claire McCarron, representing Kane, told the court last Thursday, that her client was "hurt" by something the complainer had written from his Facebook account.

Ms McCarron added that they had been in a "short relationship" which had no hope of reconciliation.

She went on to say that Kane "felt aggrieved" that this incident had brought him into the justice system.

Sheriff David Mackie sentenced Kane, of Whins Road, to six months of supervision.