PUPILS at St Mungo's RC primary "brought a tear to many eyes" with some outstanding performances of their carol concert and nativity play.

The senior choir, in keeping with a school tradition, even sang one carol in another language – Slovakian – in recognition of the diverse community within the school.

Jo Rowe, the principal teacher, told the Advertiser: "Tuesday afternoon was the one where family and friends were invited to, and on Wednesday we invited more people who have got links to our school as well.

"Then they came back to enjoy a mince pie and a coffee in the open area of our school so it was a nice wee morning we had.

"It was a very good turnout on both occasions."

Despite some worries about the event following the school's relocation earlier this year, Jo claimed things could not have gone better.

She added: "This being the first year that we're in Alloa Academy we were a wee bit wary, but the turnout was phenomenal."

Commenting on how staff and pupils enjoyed the shows, she said: "It brought a tear to many eyes I would say; it just was the highlight of the year.

"You could see from their wee faces how much they enjoyed it, they really had a great time.

"It was great just to see that effort of the rehearsals really paid off for them.

"I could actually cry now thinking about them, they really pulled it out the bag and delivered."