YOUNGSTERS at Alva Primary School dazzled a sold out audience with their Lights, Camel, Action nativity earlier this month.

Primary 1-2 pupils, with some help from two seniors, treated the crowd to some singing and dancing throughout the show on Tuesday, December 11.

Iain Sneddon, one of the school's principals, told the Advertiser: "It was basically a nativity done through song and dance, and there was something of a Strictly Come Dancing theme that runs through it.

"So you have figures from the nativity as the judging panel, like Mary's donkey and the in keeper's wife and the Roman Emperor."

Although it took a lot of hard work ahead of the main performance, Iain felt the pupils enjoyed every minute of it.

He said: "The rehearsals went on for a few weeks in between their studies and sort of formed part of the learning they were doing in class, and they absolutely loved it and were bubbling and excited when rehearsing and performing."

But all their effort obviously paid off, and resulted in some proud parents after the show.

Iain continued: "The parents absolutely adored it, and we had loads of positive feedback from them."

The teachers and pupils were also pleased with just how successful the nativity had been.

When asked how he felt about the pupils' performance, Iain said: "Very proud. They have done phenomenal and for some of them it was their first time doing this so they were so chuffed with themselves too."