AN ALLOA woman who threatened to kill bingo employees after she was ejected and banned has been given a court-ordered curfew.

Alana Searle pleaded guilty to five charges at a previous hearing and appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, January 3 for sentencing.

The court heard that on April 21 of last year, Searle entered the reception area of Hallpark, Sauchie and asked for a taxi while heavily intoxicated.

When the taxi arrived, the driver recognised the accused and refused to take her, which prompted an angry and violent reaction by punching and kicking the taxi before ripping off a sign from the rear of the vehicle.

Then on May 22 the complainer exited the Royal Mail site on Alloa's Broad Street and saw the accused across the street. A "discussion" followed between the pair before Searle followed the complainer up a side street.

The accused then pinned the woman against a wall by her wrists before once again following her through the town centre.

On November 27 at Premier Bingo, Mill Street, staff noticed on CCTV that Searle was "loitering" outside. When challenged by staff, she demanded the name and details of a male member of staff who had previously ejected her from the premises.

When staff refused to divulge the information, the accused became aggressive, saying: "Look at yous, standing there s******g yourselves. I'm going to smash this place up."

Susannah Hutchison, depute fiscal, said that the incident arose because on November 13, staff had decided to ban Searle after she was found on her phone.

When the 32-year-old refused to leave, staff took her by the arms to put her outside. At that point she threatened to kill them while dragging her finger across her throat, a motion which staff say was a threat to them.

The final charge of reckless damage was from November 22. The accused was released from Falkirk police station and given her belongings back, including a black pen.

After officers agreed to give Searl a lift to her property, they noticed she was drawing in the back of the police vehicle.

It was observed that she had written her name in the back of the car and was immediately re-arrested.

Robert Smith, defending Searle, told the court that his client is "deeply apologetic" and has since kept herself isolated to stay out of trouble.

He added that she "cannot explain why she decided to write in the police car".

Sheriff David Mackie ordered Searle, of Rose Street, to remain within her property within the hours of 9pm and 5am.