STRATHDEVON pupils celebrated Burns’ Day in traditional fashion last week as the school put on a fantastic supper for the wider community.

The school invited along grandparents and neighbours from the area to come along and be served their traditional haggis, neeps and tatties before being entertained by the children with readings, songs and dancing.

Veronica Cully, headteacher at the school, told the Advertiser that everyone had an amazing time.

She said: “It was great. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We had grandparents, neighbours and some women from the guild along. It was really busy.

“We had the Address to the Haggis and that was piped in by one of our former pupils who is now at Dollar, but we also have a P7 boy who pipes and it was lovely to see them do it together.”

After eating, the party got in full swing with highland dancing before a performance from some P2 girls who are part of a dance club.

The school then made a plea at the end of the day, asking grandparents if they would like to come along to the school regularly to read with pupils, to which they got two people sign up.

Veronica said: “We made a plea to come back and read to the kids. We are really looking for some intergenerational links at the school. We already have some links to the community but we are looking to get more.”

The headteacher wished to thank everyone for their help, adding: “We really enjoyed it, it was lovely and the kids really loved every bit of it.”