TODAY the Alloa Advertiser has officially launched a campaign to keep Coalsnaughton and Fishcross primary schools open.

The whole of Clackmannanshire now appreciates the severity of the current financial situation, but closing schools is a step too far.

Every child of primary school age deserves to be educated in their community and families should not be saddled with the additional cost of shuttling their young ones to school.

In recent weeks, the Advertiser has reported on the many proposals being put forward by council officers in an attempt to address with the crippling deficit the county faces.

However, we hope to convince elected members that there is no educational benefit to proposed closures and that all efforts should be made to ensure all schools in Clacks are maintained and supported.

Furthermore, the impact these cuts would have on the villages themselves would be massive. Preserving the identity and nurturing prosperity among all areas of the county should be the aim for all concerned.

To that end, the Advertiser launches the Save our Schools campaign and pledge to amplify the voices of those parents and families affected in both Coalsnaughton and Fishcross.

We hope to hear from any and all who fear the consequences of the school closures and its wider impact.

And while it is important not to demonise elected members and council officers, who are toiling in difficult circumstances it is nonetheless crucial that they take on board the concerns of the community and reject this notion.

Backing our move, Cheryl Hughes, from Coalsnaughton Parent Council, said: “We are extremely pleased to hear the Advertiser is running a campaign as I feel the proposed closure is a very serious matter and puts our kids education and their safety at risk.

"The campaign will make more people aware of this ludicrous proposal. And hopefully make the people who make these decisions think twice.”

Dawn Haddow, also of Coalsnaughton Parent Council, added: “I’m glad the Alloa Advertiser have started this campaign.

"We need as much publicity as possible to show how much our school means to our village and our children.

"We need lots of support to help us keep our school open and this will keep it in the public eye.”

Members of the Fishcross Parent Council Kari Smith and Louise Campbell have also backed the move this week.

Kari said: “We fully support and appreciate the Alloa Advertiser’s campaign regarding the closing of our primary school.

"We are pleased they have taken the time to listen to our story and help us get our message heard.”

Louise added: “I must thank the Advertiser for doing this.

"We as parents really appreciate this as the Advertiser is our main paper, and can get our kids voices heard and that's so important."

Those wishing to get in touch about the Save our Schools campaign can contact the team at