THE Wee County Warriors netball team is gearing up for its second annual Friends and Family Charity Night – and wants Clacks residents to take part.

Final details have yet to be sorted, but the club have announced the event will be held at the Alloa Academy on Monday, February 25.

Tracy Paterson, the club's founder and coach, told the Advertiser: "It's still early days because we're working to pin down which charity we want to support over the next year through our charity events.

"But at the Friends and Family Charity Night there will be activities like how many nets can you get in one minute and other things like that.

"Everyone can take part and kids are welcome too, but for games we'll probably have a cut off of about secondary school age."

The Wee County Warriors formed in October 2017, starting off with just eight regular members – a figure that has since grown to 18.

The club is affiliated with Netball Scotland, and as part of the Bounce Back To Netball initiative it welcomes anyone aged 18 years old or over, of any ability, who wants to get involved.

Training takes place on Mondays at Alloa Academy, costing £4 per session

There are also opportunities to compete in local friendlies and tournaments for anyone who attends.

Fore more information about the club, and the Friends and Family Charity Night, search for Wee County Warriors Netball on Facebook.