HUNDREDS of people flocked to drop-in sessions in Alva last week to air their views on town centre regeneration plans.

The event was organised by Alva Community Council and officers from Clackmannanshire Council's traffic and transportation as well as planning departments, who all worked together to develop the £650,000 worth of proposals.

Drop-in sessions took place over three days last week at a vacant town centre shop with the community council saying that around 650 people went along to give ideas.

The money currently in the pot could provide an additional five or six parking spaces on the south side of the shops along the town's main stretch, it could also fund the repaving of both sides of the street between the Brook Street and Queen Street junctions.

Council officers have also been in talk with charity Sustrans in a bid to secure further funding and enable enhanced works that would see greater improvements for those walking and cycling.

This would include three speed tables to calm traffic on the approach to the town centre at the four-way junction of Brook and Queen streets as well as at the three-arm junction at Cobden Street too.

Each would incorporate a light-controlled pedestrian crossing to replace the one currently near the Co-op.

In addition, some parking from the north side of the main street could be moved to the south.

Also part of the overall project are traffic calming measures on lower Brook Street and involve a speed table and pedestrian crossing near the Burnside Court sheltered housing complex, a speed table at the Henry Street and James Street junction, another at George Street as well as road narrowing near outside Alva Primary with works scheduled for the summer school holidays.

Local MSP Alexander Stewart said the drop-ins was a "superb initiative" and a "fine example" of working together for greater benefit.

At the event, council staff and the community council's Action Group were helped by local ward Councillors Donald Balsillie, Martha Benny and Helen Lewis.

There were 3D depictions of the proposed new layout while those visiting were encouraged to leave comments and suggestions.

The results will be collated and used to potentially alter the design before another drop-in event takes place to showcase the final plans.

MSP Alexander Stewart, who visited as shadow minister for local government, said: "This was a superb initiative and there has been an excellent turnout from the community over the three days from Thursday to Saturday.

"This is a fine example of Clackmannanshire Council and Alva Community Council, along with the residents who came along, all working closely together for the greater benefit of the community – and this is to be commended."