A FISHCROSS woman who was unable to work due to her care duties is following her "dream" by launching a business at home.

Local Anne Reid has cut the ribbon on Rory's Groom Room, named in memory of her beloved pet, where she is offering full dog grooming services.

Her son Josh, 9, was a late arrival into the world and was diagnosed with a severe heart condition, forcing Anne to give up her job with social works at Falkirk Council and look after him.

Finding work that could fit around her hours while still allowing her to look after her son proved impossible, but the prospect of running her own business in her own time gave Anne fresh opportunities.

A course with Pampers in Stirling, something she would recommend, gave her the knowledge and skills required to start a new chapter in her life.

Anne said: "When I was a wee girl I used to bring all the strays in and my mum used to go absolutely off her head.

"I have loved animals all my life."

She added: "I just decided: 'Go for it, Anne, take the risk and start up your own business'."

The local woman reckons there are plenty of customers to make it a success with many pet owners in the area having to travel further afield for services of this kind.

Anne also hopes to inspire others as she says that for those who are restricted on when they can work, starting a small business may just be the way to go.

She added: "It's the only way I can do it, because I won't give him [Josh] to a childminder.

"You know what time the schools come out, so now I can work from home and I know that my son is home, safe and happy.

"Other people, they might think: I'm stuck in the house and I love animals – I could do what she's doing.

"It doesn't need to be dog grooming, it could be anything."

With the garage now converted, following permission from the local authority, the passionate woman is offering the services on the village's The Engine Green.

She said: "It's always been a dream to work with animals, always.

"I'm not saying it's easy; I've had a few bites, but I just absolutely love it and I loved the training.

"When you put a dog out and it looks good and the customer's happy – it's a nice feeling."

Anne is offering the full grooming service for small to medium dogs, email anne.reid65@icloud.com or call 01259 721 094 for more details.