A WEE COUNTY man who threatened to bite a police officer’s face off has been jailed for more than a year.

Phillip Wyllie appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, February 28, to face a number of charges, some of which dated back for many months.

As he appeared from custody, depute fiscal Susannah Hutchison told the court of his charges, starting with his newest offence when he stole a bottle of Jack Daniels from the Co-op in Tillicoultry at 8.50pm on December 29 of last year.

On February 7, 2018 at around 2pm Wyllie was in The Thistles in Stirling with a bottle of Buckfast. He was asked to leave by staff and responded to a security guard by calling him a “p***k” and a “b*****d”, before saying: “Do you want floored?”.

Police were called and the accused was arrested.

At around 10.30pm on August 10 last year, the police were alerted to a disturbance at Backwood Court, Clackmannan, where the accused was found with his partner.

Ms Hutchison said Wyllie became hostile towards officers as his girlfriend was being arrested.

He then grabbed his partner to stop her being taken away and refused to let go before struggling with officers and saying: “I’ll f*****g bite your face off”.

The final complaint, relating to charges from September 4 last year when officers were called to another disturbance between Wyllie and his partner at Backwood Court.

The accused became hostile towards police and threatened to “bite the finger off” an officer.

As he was being put in a van, Wyllie attempted to bite the finger of an officer before spitting in the direction of his face.

Lisa McGuigan, representing Wyllie, told the court that her 29-year-old client’s behaviour is partly down to alcohol and substance abuse.

The defence agent continued by saying that he had not been given a community based disposal since 2015, although there have been “numerous periods of imprisonment” in that time.

Ms McGuigan added that he would “welcome” a community payback order (CPO) or a curfew to “keep him out of trouble”.

Sheriff Simon Collins disagreed with Ms McGuigan’s recommendation, however, saying that he had come to the end of the line.

The visiting sheriff imposed a period of 16 months in prison on Wyllie, whose latest address was given as Ramsay Terrace, Tillicoultry.

After telling his partner who was in the court that he loved her, he shouted “f*****g animal” towards the sheriff as he was being led out.