THE campaign to keep Alloa Leisure Bowl open past October this year came to a successful conclusion yesterday when the council budget was agreed.

Proposals from Clackmannanshire Council officers initially sought to cut the contract with operator Mike Mulraney, but petitioners highlighted the planned savings would have closed the Wee County’s only public swimming pool as well as other facilities.

The SNP administration worked to revise the maintenance contract instead in the leadup to this week’s budget meeting for a short-term solution, but did highlight that a longer-term leisure strategy needs to be developed as the building is now more than 30 years old.

Yesterday’s budget committed to a £60,000 saving from the revision of the contract, down from the original £273,000 cut, to allow the facilities to remain open past October 2019.

On the long-run, a framework was already approved by the People Committee in January for sport and active living up to 2028.

This paper committed to a strategic review of leisure facilities in the Wee County, but it is not yet known when fresh proposals will emerge.

The stay of execution for the Leisure Bowl means some 80 workers and three independent businesses with their own staff can now feel more secure about their employment.

The swimming pool will remain open, petitioners originally highlighting local youngsters need somewhere to learn and swim confidently to prevent drowning.

Other facilities at the Leisure Bowl include six indoor bowling rinks, various gyms and a café.

It is not yet known how the £60,000 saving will manifest itself, but it is understood it is to come from management efficiences.