TWO Wee County girls this week entered into fundraising drives after successful auditions for the junior version of TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

Teigan Comrie, 13, and Lola Rybak, 7, are buzzing after securing a spot in the final for Strictly Kids.

They have now started attending eight weeks of training before they get a chance to showcase their talents while raising cash for the STV Children's Appeal.

Enthusiastic Teigan, who trains at Just Dance Elite Dance Studio in Sauchie, throws herself into every competition she comes across and found Strictly Kids on social media.

The 13-year-old credits her dance teachers as she enjoys attending the studio said that she was "shocked" to learn she has been selected.

She added: "I didn't actually believe it. Mum was over the moon, she was excited for me."

Her coaches in Sauchie, studio principals Danielle McKinsley and Natalie Macaulay, were just as delighted and played a part in encouraging the youngster, who they think has a lot of potential.

Natalie said: "She's in the studio every night of the week – she's working on competition work or show work or helping out with the little ones as well, she likes to come in and help out with the younger classes and her team-mates.

"She is really hard working."

It is the first time the "proud" teachers will get to see a student on the screen and described her as the "heart of the studio".

The young people will be asked to show off their ballroom dancing skills in the programme and it will sure be a challenge for the local girl, who has never tested herself in the genre.

At the weekend, Teigan also got to meet her partner on the floor: 15-year-old Zac McGuire from Cumbernauld.

She is raising money for the appeal and is asking supporters to visit the page to donate as much as they can.

Her mum, Gayle Stocks who is running the fundraising page, said: "I am super proud of my daughter getting through to the grand finale.

"She is so excited to start her training with Zac from next week.

"Teigan has never done anything like ballroom dancing so this is such a challenge for her, but she is so committed to raising as much money as she can for STV Children's Appeal that it makes me so proud of her to see her with this kind of drive."

The youngsters saw off tough competition from hundreds of others across four workshops to get to the final stage.

Seven-year-old Lola is the other Wee County youngster in the mix and her family are just as excited for the opportunity.

She has only been dancing competitively for the past few months, but has racked up an impressive haul of trophies and medals in that short time.

Her mum Sian told the Advertiser: "She has been dancing since she was three, but she has been competing for the last six months."

Lola, who was listening in on the interview while performing some impressive dance moves in her living room, said: "I was absolute rubbish when I was three."

Sian continued: "And she has been doing gymnastics for the past year, and again she has just flew through that.

"That's, I think, why she wins so much in her age category because of her backflipping and things like that.

"She has been competing in hip hop, freestyle and lyrical, and trains at the Dance Royals Studio in Alloa."

When asked how she felt about the Strictly Kids competition, Lola said: "I am so excited."

But, when asked if she would win, she shyly replied: "I'm not sure."

Sian is also appealing for Wee County residents to help Lola raise funds for the STV Children's Appeal ahead of the final.

She said: "It's for a great cause, and there is going to be a lot of children putting a lot of effort into this, so it would be nice for people to get behind them and help support that great cause."

Visit Lola's fundraiser.

The young people will take to the dancefloor early in May, but it is not yet known when the programme will air.