THE name of the new Tullibody South Campus nursery has been revealed after being chosen by pupils, staff and members of the community.

After whittling the nominations down to just three, the nursery name was voted as Tulach, which is the Scottish word for Tullibody.

It won with an impressive 43 per cent of the vote, beating The Wee Orchard and Orchard Early Learning Centre.

Elaine Stewart, senior early years practitioner, told the Advertiser that voting for the name has been a successful exercise in collaboration.

She said: "It all went really well. It was a good way for the children to work collaboratively with pupils from the other organisations.

"It was also good for the staff to do it too because we're all going to be in this building together once it's built."

Elaine added that excitement is growing throughout the Abercromby school and nursery about moving into the new building, so much so that the workmen have built a vantage point for the children.

She added: "We can actually see the building site from where we are so we can watch it being built. The builders have created a little castle with a Perspex so that the kids can go up and see where they'll be going."

Come August, the pupils will move into their new nursery and school, something which is exciting them – even if they don't understand.

"It is a really busy but exciting time just now. The kids all seem excited but I don't know how much they actually fully understand about it. But they are definitely excited."

Elaine added that in the coming weeks groups of pupils will taken into the building to show them around in a bid to familiarise them with their new surroundings.