VANDALS have struck at a pigeon loft site in Tillicoultry just months after a suspicious fire, leaving one Wee County man at his wits end.

Paul Hamilton called the police on March 28, after noticing one of his sheds on the Chapelle Crescent site had been smashed and chairs removed.

Not long before that, on January 29, a mysterious fire burned down an empty loft, which left Paul and a fellow pigeon keeper fearing for the safety of their birds.

Commenting at the time, Paul told the Advertiser there had been an ongoing problem with youths causing damage.

He now believes they have struck again, and feels he may be forced to move his birds elsewhere to protect them.

When asked about the latest incident, he said: "I contacted police because I've got a wee shed that me and another person sit in just to have a cup of tea and watch the pigeons.

"I've got four chairs in there and someone's broken my window to get inside, stolen two of my chairs and I've now realised where they are.

"Someone's built a gang hut in the remaining loft next to the one that's burned down, which is about 70 yards away from my shed – they've been taken there."

While some of the site has fallen into disrepair following the closure of a pigeon club, Paul says things are going "too far" now that his property is being targeted.

He also claimed the only thing stopping him from moving his birds is the fact that he wants to support a fellow pigeon fancier who uses the site.

He said the 83-year-old's birds mean the world to her, and he fears what will happen if he moves away.

But with the ongoing problems, and a lack of action being taken to prevent them, he asked: "What am I supposed to do? Do I go down and try and catch them myself?"

Forth Valley Police are currently investigating the latest vandalism incident, and said in a statement: "Inquiries are currently ongoing.

"Anyone with information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting incident number 0890 of March 28."