A WEE COUNTY man provoked the ire of a sheriff as he stood in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court this week.

Connor Smith, 25, could be seen repeatedly laughing and smirking while in the dock during an intermediate diet on Monday, April 1.

He denies four motoring offences: two of driving a car without insurance, and two of driving a car without a valid licence.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place at various locations in Alloa on August 8 and August 13.

It is also alleged that he committed all the offences while out on bail.

He appeared alongside another accused, aged 23, who is also named in the complaint, but not in the aforementioned charges.

However, he does deny a charge of breaching bail conditions on January 7 this year.

In court on Monday, the Crown made a motion to adjourn an upcoming trial for the case.

Throughout proceedings, Smith caught the attention of visiting sheriff Alison McKay by smirking, laughing and facing the wrong way while in the dock.

She asked him: “Is there something that you’re finding funny?”

His reply of: “It’s just a waste of time” did not impress her.

She warned him: “That’s an opinion, and one which you should keep to yourself. These matters are serious.”

The Crown’s motion to adjourn the trial was accepted, and new dates were then set.

Smith, currently in custody, and the co-accused of Sauchie, will appear again for another intermediate diet on May 20.

The case will go to trial on June 5.