A DANGEROUS driver who was lucky not to have killed someone after crashing his car into scaffolding outside a house has breached an unpaid work order for the offence.

Connor Turner, 19, admitted the breach at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, April 4.

In July last year, Sheriff Simon Collins slapped him with 160 hours of unpaid work for multiple motoring offences.

On October 11, 2017, he drove a car dangerously and at excessive speeds, causing it to leave the carriageway on a road in Menstrie.

That resulted in a cyclist taking evasive action, and the vehicle driving over a public path and colliding with scaffolding surrounding a house.

At the time of the offence, Turner was driving without a licence or insurance.

When he was originally sentenced, sheriff Collins told him: "It is only by the grace of God and through sheer luck that nobody was killed here."

In court on Thursday, again appearing before sheriff Collins, Turner's solicitor Robert Smith said: "He is a young man in full-time employment.

"The difficulty is his employment has sometimes taken precedence; he should have given priority to his unpaid hours of work."

The sheriff sat shaking his head whilst the solicitor spoke, and described Turner's offence as "an appalling piece of driving".

He then warned: "A spell in a Young Offenders Institute will take priority over employment.

"This was not an optional extra, I will give you one last chance to do this, and increase the hours by 100 hours.

"Do not expect to get another chance."

Turner, of Craigbank in Sauchie, will now be required to complete a further 100 hours of unpaid work within a six month period.