A GROWING charity run by a Clacks man is looking for volunteers who could help progress its ongoing work in Africa.

Drummond Charity Works Africa is offering experiences similar to that available with other bigger organisations as it looks to build on past achievements around Ghana.

People with an interest in the medical field, teaching, sports or even construction are being sought to work in the developing country and improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Local man Gary Drummond, director of the charity, is supporting a number of patients at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, where he had volunteered in the past.

This is one place where volunteers could support not just the charity's patients but the day-to-day work.

Gary, cooper with Diageo at Cambus and a volunteer with Forth Valley First Responders, told the Advertiser: "The ambulances over here are probably better equipped than the hospital there.

"Everything from a BM strip, to check blood sugars, the patient had to pay for before they would get treatment.

"There's no effective ambulance service over there.

"I was working in A&E, serious patients were just getting dropped off by a taxi outside and we had to rush out and get them into a bed – this is people with open head wounds, serious fractures, we even had a cardiac arrest come in in a taxi."

He explained it was a real eye-opener and added added: "The equipment is pre-historic, it's a real experience."

Those interested in nurturing young people could find helping out at Mercy Drummond Academy rewarding, the school has been supported by the charity and as previously reported, Gary had organised for a toilet block to be built there in the past.

Ultimately, Gary reckons he and his local volunteer co-ordinator Eric Ekow Ewusie will be able to find charity work that suits most interests.

He said: "We can offer almost anything, any kind of hobbies or speciality anyone has – you can go over there and they will get a placement somewhere – whether it's building, sports, teaching, even pre-med if they want to go out into communities and learn about different medicines and diseases."

Hardy volunteers signing up will need to fund and arrange their own flights and pay a small sum for accommodation and food.

In exchange they can help the charity's ongoing work, pick up some real experiences and boost their CVs.

Anyone interested is asked to contact Gary via gdfundraising@outlook.com or find Drummond Charity Works Africa on Facebook an send a message.