A CHARITY night packed with live music will be held in Alloa Town Hall in memory of Clackmannanshire's Mick Lee.

A fitting tribute to a man who loved attending concerts and seeing bands, audiences will be treated to performances from three groups and singers.

The busy line-up will include Nae Danger, Tumblin' Dice and Fever, along with Keiran Fisher, Stewart Lindsay and Mick Munro, who all knew him.

Mick passed away unexpectedly at the end of 2016, around three and a half years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's.

"We weren't prepared for it," said his daughter Michelle Lee. "He was a joiner and he worked on building sites and stuff and he was getting dizzy and they thought it was something to do with nerve damage in his neck."

After it was discovered he had Parkinson's there was a "rapid deterioration" in his health and he ended up in a care home at only 62.

However, his enjoyment of music stayed strong and some of the performers who will appear at the fundraiser even paid him a visit, delivering a special acoustic set for him and his family.

Michelle said: "My dad loved music. He was a fan of all the live bands, even when he was really ill he was still playing his Led Zeppelin records and his Neil Young records.

"He used to go to all the Rolling Stones concerts, any music event he was at it – big fan of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Neil Young, Queen.

"He was a bit of a party animal, liked to get up and dance."

Michelle is part of a team organising the event, which includes her brother Michael and his wife Jenna, Phil and Diane Brownlie, along with friend Lorraine Green.

Phil was one of Mick's close friends, and is a member of Nae Danger, and said Mick "loved his music, so it will be a fitting night".

"It's all local musicians," he added. "Everybody that's playing knew Mick. Most of these guys used to play in the Help for Heroes [concert] and Mick went to all of them.

"So it's the type of night that he would have liked to go to and it will be quite emotional on the night.

"It's really just to raise money for a really good cause and in memory of a great guy."

Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition, causing problems in the brain which get worse over time, and there is currently no cure.

Money raised through the event will be given to Parkinson's UK which aims to drive better care, treatments and quality of life.

Along with live music, there will be a tombola, fast food and a DJ.

The event takes place this Saturday, January 27 at 7pm. Tickets, set at £10, are available from Peppes, or by calling 07803235832 or 07706412304.