A MEETING has been called to discuss Clackmannanshire Council's current budget proposals.

Alloa Community Council has organised the event which will take place in Alloa Town Hall on Tuesday, January 23 at 7pm.

Residents are welcome to attend and tell others which aspects of the consultation that affect their lives.

It will have themed discussions for the different categories in the budget proposals whereby people can contribute to the elements they are most interested in.

Organisers are asking people to say which services are priorities for them and why; it will gather views on how the proposed cuts are likely to impact families and communities.

It is the intention to then present them to the council ahead of the financial decisions.

During the round table event, residents will also be invited to identify other areas of the budget they think could be cut.

They can present suggestions on ways local people could help ensure the services they need can continue, along with how the council could work more efficiently.

Rather than an audience style meeting, people will be able to express their views at each themed section and everyone, even quieter voices, will be heard.

There will be a community councillor on hand at each section to assist and they are especially keen to hear which proposals people don't want to see go ahead.