A LITTLE girl stunned her mum and dad by offering to cut her hair off have it turned into a wig to benefit sick children.

Lexie Baillie, from Clackmannan, came across the idea after spotting a similar move on YouTube and decided that she wanted to use her long locks to help others – a move which made her parents immensely proud.

Her mum, Charlotte, told the Advertiser: “She came to me and her dad, Graham, and asked if she could cut her to give to poorly kids. We wanted to help her so started looking into it.

“We found the Little Princess Trust which you can donate your hair to for free. She is also trying to raise the money to have it made into a wig.”

Lexie needs to raise £500 to have her cut hair made into a wig which will then be given to a child who has suffered hair loss through illness or treatment, such as chemotherapy.

Although it is a huge sacrifice for a seven-year-old, her mum insists she knows what she is doing – and has even been browsing new hairstyles for herself when she gets it cut at Laura’s Hair and Beauty in Clackmannan.

Charlotte, who has a dog grooming business, said: “She has been going through pictures of people to try and pick a new style for when her hair is cut.”

With just over £300 already raised, Lexie is well on her way to success. Any excess money will be donated towards the making of more wigs for children.

The family are holding a number of events to help raise money, as well as having a Go Fund Me page where people can donate money.

A raffle is being held to help raise money with prizes donated already. Pretty Little Horseshoes in Dollar has donated princess themed horseshoes, Charlotte’s sister has donated a princess themed painting while Toys ‘R’ Us are donating some toys. Asda have also donated prizes.

As a thank you to everyone who is helping raise the funds, Charlotte and her husband are throwing a party on the evening of the haircut in the Masonic Hall, Clackmannan.

There will also be an auction on at the party, with the family looking for people or businesses to donate anything they feel would be a good item.

Lexie’s parents are also hoping there will be a knock-on effect from her efforts.

Charlotte said: “Her wee sister, Leah, who is only five has said she would like to do it too when she is able, but just now she doesn’t have enough hair to take part.”

If you would like to donate auction prizes then you can contact Lexie’s mum on charlotte_d6@live.co.uk.

Alternatively, to help fund the making of the wig, you can visit her fundraising page on gofundme.com/lexies-little-princess-trust