A DETERMINED Alloa businessman and his trusty 4x4 came to the aid of Wee County residents who urgently needed medicine last week's snow storm.

Not content to just sit back and twiddle his thumbs while it blows over, Graham Sleith took it upon himself to deliver relief to those trapped in their own homes amid the red weather snowfall.

While there was no public transport, he knew nurses still needed to get to the hospital to deliver essential care for patients.

And so he ferried staff and patients to Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert as the biggest blanket of snow in recent memory started building up on the roads.

Graham offered his services on social media, saying: “Anyone needing medication picked up or to get somewhere local that's urgent I have a 4x4 pick up that's getting through the snow no bother if I can help. Please pass on Facebook friends.”

It was shared more than 500 times and many thanked the local man for his good deeds, commenting on his kindness in the face of adverse weather.

“We've just got to pull together," Graham explained. “I'm sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, I can't do my own work so I say – we need to get these nurses in.

"There are patients who need help so rather than sit about, I'll keep myself busy and help other people.”

Despite “absolutely atrocious” driving conditions for most, Graham knew his 4x4 would cut through the snow and get the staff to the hospital.

He added: “Three or four times I tried to get [there] from each road and I kept on getting turned back.

“But I didn't give up and eventually I got there.”

Along the way there were jack-knifed lorries, blockages and closures around every other corner.

“Eventually we got there, but I had to do a lot of running about and detouring” he added.

Graham reckons 20 or more people used his services on Thursday, March 1, when a red weather warning for snow was put in place by the Met Office.

He was on the go until around 8-9pm that night, starting early the next day with services slowly restarting that afternoon.

Insisting he is no hero, he added: “If you can't help your fellow human being, then who can you help?”

Graham and his sons run Forth Companies Ltd with a plant as well as a paving and hard-landscaping division, which also helped a local business get a wedding on the go.