A TALENTED Menstrie teenager is getting ready to play the main role in his school's summer musical Return to the Forbidden Planet at the Macrobert Arts Centre.

Danny Vevers, 17, has been cast as leading man Captain Tempest in the show described as William Shakespeare's forgotten rock and roll masterpiece.

Set in outer space, and following the adventures of the crew of a routine survey flight hit by a shower of meteorites, the production runs on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Danny is delighted to play charismatic protagonist in the musical based on Shakespeare's play The Tempest and 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet.

The youngster said: "It's exciting to have a main role and I also have lots of great songs to sing. Captain Tempest is quite a complex character which makes him very interesting to play.

"He has a lot of bravado and is very charismatic. But he also has insecurities and as the story develops we see his more vulnerable side – so there is quite a bit of depth to him."

Danny has taken part in several musical theatre productions and was one of the T-Birds in last year's Beaconhurst show Grease.

He stars opposite leading lady Rachel Hoskins, also 17, who landed the role of lovestruck teenager Miranda.

She falls for Captain Tempest after his spaceship arrives on the planet where she and her scientist father, Dr Prospero, have been marooned for many years.

Danny added: "Rachel and I are good friends and last year we worked together in Grease when I was a T-Bird and she was a Pink Lady. So it's going well and we're having fun performing together again."

The fast-paced musical is filled with classic hits including Great Balls of Fire and Teenager in Love, with Rachel and Danny performing two duets together: Young Girl and The Young Ones.

Rachel said: "I have to say some funny things to Danny and try not to laugh - it's great working with him.

"I'm enjoying playing Miranda as she's a very fun character and the total opposite to me.

"She's never seen any men except for her father and immediately falls in love with Captain Tempest. [She] is an absolute flirt with him - whereas I am quite a reserved person.

"I love having the chance to act that way and I think the audience will take to Miranda as she has some really funny lines."

The show is produced by Beaconhurst's Director of Expressive Arts Alison Marshall with help from Musical Director Maxine Birchill and drama teacher Lesley Davidson.

Ms Marshall said: "I chose Return to the Forbidden Planet for this year's production because it's a great, fun musical with lots of rock and roll classics which are easily recognisable.

"Rehearsals have been going well and we're now cruising along smoothly in our spaceship towards opening night."

The musical which starts at 7.30pm on both Tuesday, June 27, and Wednesday, June 28.

Tickets are available at a cost of £12 for adults and £6 for children, students and senior citizens. For more, contact the Macrobert Box Office on 01786 466666 or visit the website macrobert.org