ALVA Primary School pupils put together a fantastic seedling sale and garden party – raising £270 for Strathcarron Hospice.

The children pulled out all the stops to organise the event, aided by teachers Donna Gray and Linzi Todd, which took place on Wednesday, June 21.

Organised as part of a living and growing project, the youngsters in P5/6G and P5T put in a lot of effort over the last few months.

And despite some vandalism to the garden along the way, they proved their resilience by overcoming the damage and marching on with their plans.

Mrs Gray said: “We have had support from Gartinny Nursery (Scottish Autism), the Co-op In Alva and Stirling Cycle Hub who we would like to thank.

“We would also like to thank parents/carers who have supported us since the recent school garden vandalism.

“This vandalism occurred three weeks ago where tools were broken, compost and big planters thrown in the burn next to our garden, a tree was debarked and now dying and some of the school building damaged.

“Plants children have grown from seeds were also destroyed; children’s cocoon work was ruined which was to be on display at the sale as part of a display to parents informing them what children have learned about.

“Children have done so well in keeping their spirits up and overcoming this vandalism to their project and school.”

There was some fun and games during the event held last week and the pupils even requested a smoothie bike, so there were healthy treats to enjoy in the sun.

They had a range of different seedlings on sale – oak trees, chestnut trees, willow trees, a variety of herbs such as chives and thyme, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries, lavender and chilli.

In addition, there was a miniature garden competition which saw Skye Pitcairn come in first place with her fairy and elf garden.

Next up was Sandy Mooney in second with Sssh someone is sleeping! and then there was Erin Trowell in third place with a fairy garden.