CLACKMANNANSHIRE COUNCIL have reacted quickly to fit a guard on street lights in Alva after pressure from residents.

 The LED lamps are known to generate a strong glow, which can shine into nearby homes, and a Wee County woman decided it was time to take action.

Kay Millan, of East Stirling Street, had noticed a bright glare similar to that given off by a “football spotlight”, at the back of her house after a light on Glebe Crescent had been replaced.

And after struggling to sleep for three consecutive nights, she decided to contact the council and see if anything could be done. 

The issue was resolved swiftly when workers were sent out to place a grill over the light and prevent the glare flooding into nearby properties. 

Ms Millan told the Advertiser: “I’m happy with the result and the only thing I would say is that perhaps they could be more proactive in informing residents when lamps are to be changed and what they can do if there is a problem. 

“I’m thinking more about vulnerable residents who might not know where or how to find information. For instance I only knew about this shield thing from a bit of internet research. 

“My own personal preference is to have less street lighting rather than more as it seems most of the research shows that streets aren’t necessarily safer the better lit they are. Dark skies rock as far as I’m concerned.”