A WOMAN who travelled to the Wee County in search of her long-lost half sister has finally tracked her down. 

Lynn Lonnkvist arrived in Alva last month hoping to be reunited with the child - now woman - her mum had been forced to give up for adoption at birth. 

When she was out looking for the house that was on her sister’s birth certificate, she bumped into resident Morag Jackson walking her dog, who suggested going to the Alloa Advertiser for help.

And after seeing the story in last week’s newspaper, Anderine Drysdale, born as Andrene Syme Blackett, came forward and told the Advertiser that she was the one Lynn was looking for.

The sisters have since spoken at great length and were overwhelmed that they managed to find each other after all this time. 

Lynn said: “I must express how shocked my whole family is that we have found our half sister. An unsolved mystery for 72 years.

“I am so incredibly moved right now and can only imagine what my wonderful loving precious mother would have said and felt after all these years and so many unanswered questions about her baby she had to give up as a young teenager.”

Anderine added: “[I’m] just really shocked. I couldn’t believe it after all these years.

“My cousin got the newspaper, she’s in Menstrie, and she spotted it straightaway and phoned my sister who contacted me. 

“We have spoken and I have also met my half brother on Facetime. Lynn wanted to know when I found out I was adopted and if I had ever tried to find my birth mother, which I did a few years ago and got nowhere.

“It was all thanks to the woman that Lynn met in Alva, who walked her to the newspaper. Just to meet someone in the street, it’s amazing. It’s a lot to take in.”

The pair will now take the opportunity to catch up before making any official arrangements to see each other. 

“Hopefully we will meet at some point,” Anderine said. “We haven’t made any definite plans as of yet but we will get to know each other and eventually have some sort of reunion.”