MENSTRIE residents have objected to an application for planning permission to erect two houses on Rowan Crescent. 

Several people have expressed concerns about the potential ramifications of building homes on a space that is used as a children’s play park.

And many are also worried that a go ahead would cause traffic congestion on the already packed housing estate. 

Ian McPhail lives on the estate and he wrote: “The proposed development would reduce amenity levels and cause child safety issues. At present this is a well used and loved park, which provides an ideal environment for the pre-school and primary school residents of Rowan Crescent and the other local streets... Its removal would mean that children have to go further afield and away from their own doors for play facilities.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Les Sharp, the leader of Clackmannanshire Council, confirmed that, although the site was recently sold, it is still a designated play park and will remain so until the planning application is determined. 

He said: “There is obviously strong local feelings regarding the potential loss of open space and play facility and as you will see from Clacksweb, there are numerous objections already submitted.

“From the plan that is attached to the application it covers the whole play park area and concerns have been raised regarding parking etc, these will no doubt be addressed when the application is considered.”

Lynsey Airs, of Holly Grove, has also criticised the plans and said: “There are a large number of children living in the estate that use the parks regularly, and removing this park would have a detrimental effect on their wellbeing. 

“The government encourages children to be as active as possible and removing parks is contradictory to this.”

Ms Airs also thought that more cars in the street would pose further dangers for young children playing in the area.

Another neighbour, Richard Spruce, voiced his concerns and questioned where children would go if construction starts on the park.

He added: “The park is regularly used by the families in the area and to change it into houses will mean that children will have to cross a busy road to get to the next nearest park. 

“This is dangerous and also will lead to a loss in the quality of life of the children who cannot now go out and play.”

The application was received by Clackmannanshire Council on Tuesday, August 29, and is currently awaiting a decision.