PUPILS at Menstrie Primary School will now have access to a range of outdoor facilities to boost their learning.

The school has been able to purchase an outdoor classroom, weather station, friendship benches and a wide range of playground markings for the children.

Backing for the set up came via parent council fundraising events and donations from the community council, as well as a parent on behalf of Diageo.

Ben Horsburgh, the school's depute headteacher, said: "Having these new facilities in place has allowed for the overall learning experience of the children at Menstrie Primary School to be greatly enhanced because the outdoor classroom provides a space where a whole class or small groups of children can explore the outdoor environment together and take part in activities in a sheltered space.

"The high quality artificial grass means that the space remains clean and dry all year round. Children can explore and examine items as part of a science lesson or simply sit and enjoy the outdoors with friends during break and lunch time.

"At certain points during the year the new outdoor classroom and new benches can be used for children to eat packed lunches outside.

"The weather station is a wonderful new resource that has allowed teachers to extend children's learning. Children across the school are involved in recording and predicting the weather in great detail.

"Overall, these new facilities would not have been possible without the support of the parent council and wider community support.

"The school is very much a part of the Menstrie community and is delighted to be working in partnership with families and community members to enhance the learning experience of all our children."

The new resources were officially opened on Monday, October 30, by Caroline Crawford of Menstrie Community Council, Gill Muir of Diageo and Karen Pirrie, the chair of the parent council.

Ms Crawford said: "Menstrie Community Council see the school as very much part of the local community and were happy to contribute to the outdoor classroom as a place for the children to socialise and learn.

"We welcome any opportunity for the children to be out of doors where they can appreciate the environment and contribute to the sustainability of their community. We believe that every child should have this learning experience in the outdoors."