A 65-year-old woman was caught shouting and swearing by police officers.

On Thursday at Alloa Sheriff Court, Catherine Anderson pleaded guilty to acting in a threatening manner, shouting and swearing at an address in Millbank Crescent, Clackmannan on July 31 this year.

Fiscal depute Ruairidh Ferguson told the court that the accused had been staying with her son after losing her home to a fire.

Anderson was witnessed by coppers shouting “f*ck off, you lazy ba*tard” and “f*cking pr*ck” to no one in particular.

When being escorted to the police van, she told the officers: “Am I f*ck going in there.”

In defence, it was explained that the accused had lost everything in the house fire.

On the night of the incident, she was fed up sitting in alone at her son’s house so went out.

On her return, she had no idea why she came to the attention of the officers as there was no complainer on the receiving end of her rant.

Anderson was said to be “deeply ashamed” of her behaviour.

Sheriff Gillian Wade chastised the accused for appearing in court at her age.

She said: “This sort of behaviour is not acceptable.”

Anderson was admonished for her outburst.