THE idea of Clackmannan Tower being lit up has got a big thumbs up from the local community after a test run.

For those wondering about the different colours in the night sky last Wednesday, it was a brief pilot conducted the Clackmannan Development Trust (CDT).

The tower was adorned green, red and purple, with the result causing quite a stir online, according to the trust.

And with many disappointed to have missed the spectacle, plans to keep the tower permanently lit have been well received by the community.

The idea first gained momentum after Lesley Shaw, the CDT's community development officer, and vice chair Ian Russell met with Historic Environment Scotland representatives earlier this year to discuss the practicalities of floodlighting the landmark.

And officials from the public body, which looks after the tower, said it would be keen to see this idea become a reality.

Ms Shaw told the Advertiser: “The response from locals was amazing. The number of comments on social media in support for this to be a permanent feature was overwhelming.”

Lighting up Clackmannan Tower would make it a beacon of the Wee County as the tower boasts a high vantage point with spectacular panoramic views of Forth Valley.

The lit tower would be seen for miles and on these dark night it may well add warmth and brightness to the area.

The plan is to have the lights white on a day to day basis but the colours could be changed for special occasions such as being blue on St Andrew's Day.

Some of the rough estimations for the level of work that would be involved suggest it would cost around £25,000, but thanks to LED lightening the running costs thereafter would be very affordable for the CDT to maintain. 

Ms Shaw added: “We hope if we can achieve this goal, it will add to the pride that locals feel about their town and will attract visitors to the area, promote what Clackmannan has to offer and compliments the themes in the community action plan.”

The CDT are now looking to create a small project group which can apply for funding to get lighting in place permanently.

Anyone interested is asked to contact Lesley Shaw on or pop in to Clackmannan Town Hall to discuss it further.