A CLACKMANNAN man caught driving at 112mph while already banned from the road has narrowly avoided a jail sentence.

Alistair Morris, 31, came within a whisker of being locked up when he appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday last week.

He stood in the dock with co-accused Jamie Clark, charged with dangerous driving near to the Clackmannanshire Bridge, on the A876 between the Higgins Neuk and Kilbagie roundabouts.

Both were clocked by police travelling alongside one another at 112mph, leading Sheriff David Mackie to suggest there was “more than a hint” the two were racing at the time.

Morris and Clark were due to be sentenced alongside one another; however, there was no social work report prepared for the latter who was ordered to return to court next month.

Depute fiscal Ruaridh Ferguson said the incident occurred at 8.40pm on March 22, 2015 – 18 months ago.

He said: “Police officers were conducting speed checks and...observed two vehicles travelling well in excess of the 60mph limit.

“They were heading north on the dual carriageway and were next to each other. There were no other vehicles on the road at this time, in either direction.

“It is a matter of agreement that both vehicles were travelling at around 112mph.”

Morris’ defence agent Claire McCarron explained that her client had appeared from custody as a result of this offence on March 23, 2015, and pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance.

She added that he had not been charged with dangerous driving at that time, and was handed a three-year ban and given a supervision order with unpaid work.

Ms McCarron added: “It’s clear that he has since engaged well and the report paints the picture of a hard-working family man.

“He recognises, as do I, that custody would be merited here, given the nature of this offence and his record.”

In sentencing, Sheriff Mackie told Morris: “There is more than a hint that something in the nature of a race was going on here.

“This comes against an appalling record of driving offences. You have too much to lose and so does your family.

“A disqualification is inevitable and in this instance it will be for a period of three years. But because of the nature of this charge, you will be required to re-sit the extended driving test before obtaining a licence again.

“Let me make this clear, you cannot afford to find yourself sat behind the wheel of car [without a license] again.

“You’re in your 30s now – it’s time to start taking your responsibilities seriously. However, the indications are that you are now doing that.”

Along with the driving ban, Morris, of Main Street, will carry out an additional 130 hours of unpaid work.

His co-accused Clark, 33, of Backwood Court, Clackmannan, will be sentenced next month.