A CLACKMANNAN mother continues to thank a charity that supported her brave son through brain cancer.

As reported in the Advertiser previously, Clic Sargent were on hand as back up while Fiona Conaghan's son Stuart fought the illness.

Fiona said: "From the first day he was diagnosed, they had a social worker in the hospital who introduced herself and was there to support Stuart with any issues, be it form filling or questions about treatment.

"They also supply accommodation for the families close to the hospital, so that they can stay with the poorly child."

Although Stuart is now in remission, sadly he has not been left unscathed.

Fiona explained: "He suffers from very bad back pain due to repeated lumbar punctures and also the radiotherapy and chemotherapy has left him with peripheral neuropathy which affects his hands and feet.

"He has memory issues, sleep problems, and problems with eating which cause him to sweat whenever he eats anything hot or cold.

"Stuart still gets an MRI and CT scans every month."

Giving back is a massive importance to Fiona.

Ever since her son's diagnosis she has been an advocate in pushing for funding and more help for young people just like Stuart.

Fiona added: "The Clic Sargent social worker is only a phone call away should we ever need her, and is in attendance at Stuart's result meetings every time he has an MRI.

"We hope Stuart continues to have clear scan results. I would like him to be cancer free and live a long and happy life."